Tradition Caviar (Latvia)

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Tradition Caviar
Anyone who has visited the river mouth of Volga during fishing season and had the opportunity to taste the freshest caviar, will tell that it is different to the one in stores. Thanks to the innovative developments of our leading specialist D. Tracuk, we have managed to produce a product that will allow you to visit the remote corners of the Volga estuary and taste fresh caviar with a minimum amount of salt and without preservative. Thanks to this, you will feel the real, purest and delicate taste of caviar that is not contaminated with the preservative’s flavour.

Species of sturgeon: Russian sturgeon caviar (Acipenser baerii)
Color: From black to grey
Size: Average size is 2.4 mm.
Quality: High to premium
Salt content: 3.2%
Preservatives: No preservatives
Shelf life: Up to 12 months
Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated at -4C to 0C for full shelf life period

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