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Atout Founder: Chef Patrick Heuberger

Chef Patrick Heuberger is the owner and founder of Atout, a rustic French bistro located among the scenic location of Dempsey Hill. Famous for providing authentic rustic French charcuterie and food.

Through this online platform, we aim to provide you with down to earth cuisine made from produce from known sources. We constantly strive to look into convenient food for home so that all our customers can enjoy delicious and comfort food at home. A one stop platform for customers to order wines and food for home.

Have an upcoming home party, celebration for home? Simply placed your orders in advance and we we will deliver it to you at your preferred time!

Road to Singapore

 Chef Heuberger has always known he would be a chef since his childhood, when he spent weekends with his paternal grandparents in the French Alps, helping them to preserve vegetables, dry mushrooms and cure meat. His maternal grandfather was also a stove maker, which pretty much sealed his career path.

 At age 12, he chose cooking as a school activity so he could make better lunches for himself and meet girls (he was the only boy in the class). At 15, he apprenticed at a 5-star Geneva Hotel as part of his school programme, and was so good that he graduated as the top apprentice in Switzerland. At 18, he set off for London to learn English and funnily enough, traditional French cooking at Le Souffle at the Intercontinental Hotel.

  He recalls: “I was taught modern French cuisine during my apprenticeship, so London was a fantastic experience because I was learning from an old chef with traditional service and side table carving.’’ Two years later, he left for the south of France, then to Amsterdam to pick up northern European cooking techniques “like smoking and curing’’. A two-year stint at the 3-star Trois Gros in Roanne followed, then a year in Australia, before he finally landed in Singapore and, as he puts it, “found Au Petit Salut’’.

Awards & Recognition

  • Best Apprentice in Switzerland
  • Worked in Restaruant Le Neptune (2-Star)
  • Worked in Trois Gros in Roanne (3-Star)
  • Won Third (2018) & Second (2019) in International Catering Cup competition, France
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