La Conviette Beurre Charentes Poitou A.O.P (Frozen Salted)

La Conviette Beurre Charentes Poitou A.O.P (Frozen Salted)

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A premium French butter made from high-quality milk sourced from the Charentes-Poitou region of western France. This region is renowned for its rich and creamy milk, which is perfect for producing high-quality butter.

The butter is made using traditional methods, with the cream being churned in wooden barrels, which gives the butter its unique texture and flavor. After churning, the butter is washed to remove any excess whey, then salted to enhance its flavor and preservation.

It has a rich yellow color and a smooth texture, with a delicate aroma and a creamy, slightly salty flavour. It is perfect for use in baking, cooking, and spreading on bread or toast.

It is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the quality and flavour of premium butter.

*Best kept frozen

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