Frangelico Liqueur (Italy)

Frangelico Liqueur (Italy)

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Frangelico is a sweet and nutty liqueur made from toasted hazelnuts, cocoa, vanilla, and other natural flavors. It originated in the Piedmont region of Italy and is named after a hermit monk named Fra Angelico, who was known for his skills in herbal medicine.

Frangelico has a distinct light brown color and a velvety texture. It has a sweet and nutty flavor profile, with notes of hazelnuts, almonds, vanilla, and cocoa. It is often served as a digestif or added to cocktails as a sweetener or flavor enhancer. It can also be enjoyed on its own over ice or with a mixer of your choice.

Frangelico is a popular liqueur worldwide and is often used in a variety of cocktails, such as the Nutty Irishman, B-52, or the Frangelico Sour. It is also a key ingredient in desserts, such as hazelnut gelato or tiramisu.

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