Vincent Bachelet, Maranges 1er Cru ' La Fussière' 2020

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Light and fruity flavour profile

Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes grown in the Premier Cru vineyard of La Fussière, which is known for its clay and limestone soil.

In the glass, the wine appears with a beautiful ruby color and a medium body. On the nose, it reveals aromas of red fruits such as cherries and raspberries, along with some floral notes of violet and rose. On the palate, the wine is well-balanced with soft tannins and a good acidity, which gives it a refreshing and lively character. The flavors are dominated by red fruits, such as strawberries and red cherries, with a hint of vanilla and spices. The finish is long and smooth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste of fruits and herbs.

Pair well with a variety of dishes such as roasted chicken, grilled salmon, or even beef stew. It's light body and refreshing acidity make it a great match for lighter dishes, while its fruit-forward character can also complement heartier meals.

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