Caviar de Neuvic Arctic Char Fish Roe

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A type of caviar that is made from the roe of Arctic Char, a cold-water fish found in the northern regions of the world. It is produced by the Caviar de Neuvic company, which is based in France and specializes in creating high-quality caviar products.

It has a bright orange color and a delicate texture, with a slightly briny and oceanic aroma. On the palate, it offers a burst of flavour that is both savory and slightly sweet, with a delicate and buttery texture.

Harvested from Arctic Char that are sustainably farmed in the clean and clear waters of Iceland. The roe is then carefully selected and processed using traditional techniques that help to preserve its delicate flavour and texture.

Caviar de Neuvic Arctic Char Fish Roe is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways. It is commonly served as a topping for sushi or crackers, or as an ingredient in dishes such as pasta or scrambled eggs. 

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