(Vacuum Packed) Larnaudie Duck Leg Confit

(Vacuum Packed) Larnaudie Duck Leg Confit

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 Originally and emblematic of South-western cuisine, this perfectly soft duck leg is confit in its fat as tradition dictates. From a traditional breeding in the heart of the South-West, you are guaranteed a refined product, vacuum-packed for more freshness. To be served with vegetables: porcini mushrooms, green beans or sautéed potatoes with garlic and parsley, delicious!


Deliver chilled: In a vacuum bag

Weight: 200g

Serving size: 1 pax

Ingredients: Duck leg from the South-West (75% - origin France), duck fat, salt.

Reheating Method 

On a Stove

  1. Place bag into hot water or microwave for 10 seconds
  2. Cut the package open
  3. Pour melted duck fats onto pan
  4. Fry duck leg *skin down on pan
  5. Oven baked for 10mins at 180 degrees
  6. Enjoy it with your choice of sides

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