Signature Rum Set

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By Rachelle the Rabbit Meadery, 

Enjoy the best of both vodka! Gift set for family and friends or simply enjoy it at home!


Dark Rum

A beautiful copper-coloured oaked rum, Dark Rum is produced via a thorough and meticulous 8-week process: In-house molasses fermentation, double distillation, oaking and tank conditioning. Rested in French oak wine barrels, Dark Rum features a rustic flavor that is light and comforting on the palate. Each sip is best savoured neat or with a simple cheese / fruit pairing.

Main Ingredients: Molasses, Oak

Alcohol Level: 40%


Blanco Rum

Blanco Rum is a light, clear rum produced by fermenting molasses for 4 weeks and double distillation, and the pre-oaked version of our Dark Rum. A wonderful base in cocktails, professional mixologists and home-bartenders will enjoy using Blanco Rum in a simple refreshing mojito or a complex rum-based concoction.

Main Ingredients: Molasses

Alcohol Level: 40%


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