J.Bally Rhum Vieux Agricole Millesime Martinique

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Bally 2002 is a vintage agricultural rum that offers the opportunity to appreciate all the aromatic characteristics of the same vintage. Aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years in a tropical climate, it is much loved by collectors, as it is also the last to be produced with the original Creole column, before its definitive release. These vintage rums are the brainchild of Jacques Bally who, since 1924, has been selecting his distillates from the best vintages, without blending them with other vintages. An idea of great modernity that brings to the world of agricultural rums the concept of terroir and vintage, typical of the world of wine, demonstrating the great influence that weather conditions can have on the harvest and consequently on the distillate.


-Colour: It has an intense amber colour due to the period of refinement in casks.

-Aroma: The nose has notes of plum, nuts, cinnamon, tobacco, on a mineral and iodine background.

-Taste: In the mouth it is powerful, but always sweet, fragrant, drinkable, with fresh notes of citrus, honey and almond. The finish is precise and persistent, with an elegant trail of orange peel, cinnamon and cloves. A great vintage rum in the full Bally tradition.


This is the bottle of great occasions. A rum to be enjoyed strictly straight. Given the aromatic complexity, typical of the year, just a few centiliters to live a unique taste experience.

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