Ferdinand's Saar Quince Gin

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Tasting Notes

On the nose, there’s ginger, wet, herbal notes, a touch of fruit, slight bits of rose and bobs of vanilla. Little juniper. Doesn’t come across as an overwhelmingly fruity gin at first. It seems contemporary. The only hints to what it is might be the mildness on the nose.

The palate is immediately fruity, with tart quince, coming across almost Damonesque. If the goal was to create a sloe gin with something other than sloes, mission accomplished. In blind testing, you might mistake Ferdinand’s Saar Quince for a sloe gin. Jammy, with thick plum/ripe sour cherry notes, some prickly gin-like notes come on. There’s a bit of juniper, albeit quite sedate. A sprinkling of coriander in there as well, cassia/ginger spice notes towards the finish, with the sweetness of it clear, but also slightly acidic with something that really strikes me as if it could be the wine coming through. The wine notes seem most concentrated on the finish, where stone fruit and tart quince linger, sweetly on the palate.

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