Ceramic Zen Sake Set

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A traditional Japanese sake serving set that includes a sake carafe (tokkuri) and small cups (ochoko). It is made of ceramic material and is designed to enhance the enjoyment of sake, a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice.

The sake carafe (tokkuri) is usually shaped like a small pitcher or bottle, with a narrow neck that allows for easy pouring. It can hold around 180ml of sake and is typically decorated with intricate designs or patterns. The small cups (ochoko) are small and typically cylindrical in shape, with a flat base and a small lip for sipping. They can hold around 30-50 ml of sake and are also decorated with intricate designs or patterns.

A traditional and elegant way to enjoy sake, and is popular for its intricate designs and functionality. It is a great addition to any sake lover's collection and can also make a great gift for those who appreciate Japanese culture and cuisine.

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