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By Rachelle the Rabbit Meadery, 

Enjoy the best of both vodka! Gift set for family and friends or simply enjoy it at home!


Straits Vodka

Inspired by early 20th century Straits Settlement heritage, Straits Vodka pays tribute to the history of spices, with a distinct character and taste. Straits Vodka is produced by first fermenting Southeast Asian wildflower honey with regionally-foraged spices over a 2-month period, then double-distilling to develop a rich, complex and beautifully flavoured vodka spirit. Lightly spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, the vodka also features a hint of floral sweetness from the honey with a soft creamy mouthfeel. With a unique flavour profile that differs from other neutral spirits in the market, Straits Vodka is a sipping vodka best enjoyed neat over ice, or in a martini with vermouth and olives.

Main Ingredients: Distilled from honey and spices foraged in Southeast Asia

Alcohol Level: 40%
Melaka Arrack
A rare spirit produced in certain parts of India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, arrack is typically distilled from coconut or palm sap with distinctive flavours. Providing a spin to this exotic spirit, Melaka Arrack is produced by slow-fermenting gula melaka, then double distilling to develop a complex and sophisticated taste profile. Reminiscent of regionally-foraged stone fruits, each bottle of Melaka Arrack features a toasted dry finish with light caramelised notes, leaving one intrigued with its unique flavours. Melaka Arrack is best served neat over ice or enjoyed with ginger ale or fizzy cola in a refreshing cocktail.  

Main Ingredients: Distilled from gula melaka

Alcohol Level: 40%

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