Compendium Pineapple Tart Soju

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Compendium Spirits’ Soju series is Singapore’s first locally fermented and distilled soju. Crafted with distinct flavours of Asia for the world to enjoy, our Soju is the quintessential beverage for celebrations and gatherings; your catalyst for a great night.

The Dessert Shop is the inaugural series of our unique Soju creations. The flavours are inspired by well-loved Asian desserts found in treasured family recipes and traditional dessert stalls cherished by locals.

Our Pineapple Tart Soju is fermented from gula melaka and distilled with pandan leaves & pineapple jam for a delightful & flavourful experience.

Aroma: fruity & jammy

Taste: lush & tropical

Finish: sweet with hints of butter

Bottle Format: 250ml

Alcohol Level: 15%

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