Compendium Rojak Gin

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Rojak Gin

What makes a spirit truly local if not for the flavours familiar and special to a place’s inhabitants. For Compendium’s flagship product, it was decided that the rojak—with its multifaceted flavours and symbolism—is the candidate that will best showcase the Singapore distillery.

Each Rojak Gin is a cacophony of scents that are at once recognisable yet novel. Nose whiffs of torch ginger that then conjure aromas of that familiar rojak nuttiness in your mind, before tasting a bold botanical punch of juniper and lemon peel on your tongue.

Not made from a neutral grain spirit but from distilled homemade mead, you’ll find this to be a silky gin as smooth as the artisanal honey it’s made from. Sip on it chilled or have it in a Negroni; it’s good either way.

Main Ingredients: Juniper beries, lemon peel, torch ginger

Alcohol Level: 45%

Bottle Format: 500ml




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