Buglioni Amarone Riserva Teste Dure 2015

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 Complex and robust flavour profile

Made from a blend of grapes, including Corvina, Rondinella, and Corvinone, which are grown in the Valpolicella region of northeastern Italy.
The grapes are carefully selected and harvested by hand before being dried on straw mats for several months, which concentrates their flavors and sugars, resulting in a wine that is rich, full-bodied, and has a higher alcohol content.
The wine is aged in oak barrels for at least five years, which imparts a woody and spicy flavor to the wine, while also smoothing out its tannins. Buglioni Amarone Riserva Teste Dure 2015 has a deep ruby red color, with intense aromas of ripe dark fruit, such as black cherry and plum, along with notes of vanilla, tobacco, and spices.
On the palate, the wine is full-bodied and velvety, with a rich and complex flavor profile that includes dark fruit, chocolate, coffee, and spices.
The wine has a long and lingering finish that is both satisfying and memorable.
This wine pairs well with rich and hearty dishes, such as red meat, lamb, or strong cheeses. 
A sophisticated and luxurious wine that is perfect for pairing with rich and decadent meals or for sipping on its own as a special treat.

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