(Vacuum Packed) Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder 1.2-1.4kg

(Vacuum Packed) Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder 1.2-1.4kg

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The lamb shoulder is cooked slowly and carefully, allowing the meat to become incredibly tender and juicy. The vacuum packing process ensures that the lamb retains all of its moisture and flavours, resulting in a delicious and succulent final product. The lamb is seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices, which infuse the meat with additional flavour and aroma.

A comforting and satisfying dish, with a rich and savoury flavour that is sure to impress. Vacuum packed slow-cooked lamb shoulder is perfect for any special occasion or a cozy night in, and pairs well with a variety of sides such as roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, or couscous.

Deliver chilled: Vacuum Packed, cold

Shelf life: 7 days from delivery date, store in the fridge at 0°C to 3°C or 1 month in the freezer

Serving size: 2 -4pax

Reheating Method

Heat up in hot water bath 70C for 45 mins to 1 hour test with baking pin to see the inter temperature is hot, up pack lamb shoulder and transfer to baking tray, put into pre heat oven of 210C bake it for 10 mins or till desire colour.

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