Signature Gin Set

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By Rachelle the Rabbit Meadery, 

Enjoy the best of both vodka! Gift set for family and friends or simply enjoy it at home!

 Rojak Gin

Not made from a neutral grain spirit but from distilled homemade mead, you’ll find this to be a silky gin as smooth as the artisanal honey it’s made from. Sip on it chilled or have it in a Negroni; it’s good either way.

Main Ingredients: Juniper berries, lemon peel, torch ginger

Alcohol Level: 45%


Chendol Gin

Distilled from fermented gula melaka, then re-distilled with juniper, pandan and coconut on a pot still, you’ll find robust fruity notes that lingers long on your palate and olfactory senses with this gin.

It is the perfect balance of potency and subtlety, thanks to a fragrance you can’t miss but so welcomed you wish will never dissipate as a sensation. Soft, vibrant and reminiscent of the most delicious chendol dessert you’ve had, the Chendol Gin is best first tasted on its own, then mixed with a light tonic that brings out the layered fragrances contained in the spirit.

Main Ingredients: Juniper berries, pandan leaves, coconut

Alcohol Level: 40%


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