Shermay's Vegan Tingkat Gifting Set

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Introducing our Vegan Set - a plant-based delight for those who appreciate vegan snacks. Enjoy the sweet notes of our Sweet Potato Crackers, tangy Tomato Tapioca Crackers, and delicate crunch of our Pumpkin Lentil Bucket. It's a perfect guilt-free treat while discovering Singapore's incredible flavours!

  • This set includes:
  1. Pumpkin Lentil Cracker (Keropok) Mini Bucket (x1 ,60gm)
  2. Sweet Potato Cracker (Keropok) Mini Bucket (x1 ,70gm)
  3. Tomato Tapioca Cracker (Keropok) Mini Bucket (x1 ,160gm)

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