(Pre-Order, arrival on 14th February) Bordier Roscoff Onion Butter

(Pre-Order, arrival on 14th February) Bordier Roscoff Onion Butter

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Roscoff Onion Butter

A meeting with the Johnnies and Jennies of Roscoff, 2016

The combination of two daily Breton products:  butter and the vital voluptuousness of onion, one of the specialties from the rich earth around the city of Roscoff.  With both savory and sweet tones, the smoothness of the cream and the flaky texture of the onion.  On a skirt steak, fried potatoes, with an oyster, or on a slice of bread, a savory crepe, and why not even a savory crumble!

Seasonal Butter: Available from October to Late March

Can be used for: Meat, Sauces, Bread

  • Advance order of minimum 9 days
  • Order before Wed 10am for Tuesday arrival
  • Flown in from France every Tues
  • Shelf life of 10-15 days from arrival
  • Butter to be kept at 2-5 degrees
  • Self-Collection Recommended
  • Not applicable for further discount

Shelf life of butters: 2 weeks

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