(Pre-order, min 7 days) Bordier Espelette Chilli Butter (125g)

(Pre-order, min 7 days) Bordier Espelette Chilli Butter (125g)

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 Espelette Chilli


The spicy, colored note of Espelette chilli reveals the flavor of salted butter.  An ideal aroma to fold into mashed potatoes, placed on a grilled cut of prime rib, with fish en papillote, or on fillets of red snapper, it may also surprise your palate when added to the batter for tiny chocolate lava cakes.

Can be used for: Meat, Seafood, Sauces. Caution Mild Spiciness

  • Advance order of minimum 7days
  • Order before Wed 10am for Tuesday arrival
  • Order before Friday 10am for Friday arrival
  • Flown in from France every Tues & Friday
  • Shelf life of 10-15 days from arrival
  • Butter to be kept at 2-5 degrees
  • Self-Collection Recommended