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Hey! Chips has been producing high quality fruit and vegetable chips since 2018. We take pride in our snacks and strive for excellence all the time. Over the years, we have continuously improved our production methods to achieve the impeccable taste today.


We all know that deep-fried food is unhealthy, but do we really know why? To deep fry anything, you need to get the oil to a very high temperature, and this process creates “free radicals”, which can increase our risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer and destroy our health.

Contrary to the common belief, having oil does not necessarily make us fat and unhealthy. Plant oil is a great source of cholesterol-free nutrition that is heart healthy, if it is not subjected to strong heat that destroys its structure.



You wouldn’t know how much lab-generated chemicals you consume if you don’t pay attention to the ingredients in your food products. Common food companies try to enhance flavours and cut costs, which is great for business, not so great for you.

In the ingredient list of each pack of chips, you will find either the fruit or vegetable slices, with a small amount of rice bran oil (and salt, only for the vegetables). We do not add any flour, MSG, sugars or sweeteners, and preservatives (e.g. nitrates, sulphates) so you can get the chips as real as possible.


The tastes of our chips come from the quality of the produce we select and how we can time our process at their peak to lock in the nutritional quality and freshness. As such, we practise full traceability in getting our fruits and vegetables direct-from-farms.

This, not only helps us control the quality, but also ensures that we help to better the lives of the farmers directly, bypassing any corner-cutting practices or corruption. Traceability also gives our end-consumers the benefit of enjoying our snacks with the added assurance in food safety.

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