Ferdinand Red Vermouth

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The world’s first vintage vermouth with riesling of a great VDP-site.

The large steep south-facing slope of the Saarburger Rausch, its rough Devonian shale soil and the cool climate of the Saar form the perfect basis for the first Riesling Vermouth in the world. The minerality and fruitiness of the Saar Riesling, the bitterness of the wormwood and the floral, spicy aromas of the regional herbs and flowers give this batch produced Vermouth wine from the Saar valley its unique lightness and elegance.

Besides homegrown wormwood, lovage and vineyard onion we mainly use the botanicals which form the essential part of the Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin, in order to retain the distinctive character of the beautiful Saar region. At the heart of this Vermouth are regional red fruits like the Schönberger Plum, Cranberries and specially manufactured cherrywine of the danish variety Stevensbaer. The usage of immature green walnuts gives this vermouth a multilayerd and fascinating bitterness. Grand Cru Riesling wine is infused with cold macerated botanicals, sweetened by the residual sugar of the wine and rectified concentrated grapes. The natural color is produced purely by the red fruits. There is no caramelised sugar or sugar color added.

  • Ingredients : Botanicals among others Green Walnut, Cranberry, Stevensbaer Cherry, Schönberger Plum, Wormwood, Cinnamon, Fennel, Lemon, Coriander.
  • Tasting note : Ferdinand‘s Red Vermouth reveals itself as a relatively fruity and complex representative of its category. Green walnut gives it a special kind of bitterness and creates an extraordinary flavour in combination with native red fruits.
  • Perfect Serve : Manhattan, Negroni, Vermouth & Tonic, Red Vermouth & Soda
  • Origin : Mosel, Germany

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