Otus Craft Beer: Side B, Pils, Lolipa Combo (Case of 6)

Otus Craft Beer: Side B, Pils, Lolipa Combo (Case of 6)

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The Otus Brewmaster experiments, verifies, corrects and constantly refines the process of producing a good beer, imagining the moment when the consumer raises his glass will be impressed by the colour, foam and fragrance of the beer.

Through a creative process, our beers are produced with rigorous procedures to ensure richness and organoleptic excellence and can also be enjoyed by less experienced consumers.


  •  contain no chemical additives, preservatives or substitutes
  •  preserve their organoleptic characteristics
  •  no change in quality over time

SIDE B - BLANCHE, vol: 330ml, ABV: 5%

Fruit with citrus and spicy notes with vanilla hints.

Cereal (wheat), honey, fruit (citrus) and spices.

PILS2 - PILSNER, vol: 330ml, ABV 5.2%

Cereal, flowers, herbs and spices.

Honey and cereal, flowers and herbs.

LOLIPA - SESSION IPA, vol: 330ml, ABV 4.5%

Citrus and spices.

Citrus with grapefruit and lemon hints.

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