Caviar de Neuvic Alaska Wild Salmon Roe

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Salmon roe comes from a wild species of fish (Oncorhynchus Keta) from the Pacific Ocean, farmed in Russia.

Its roe is of a generous size with a rather candied texture. In the mouth, they roll on the tongue and then burst under the palate, opening up to a feeling of freshness and intense iodine notes. It has a delicate texture with marine hints to flavour your appetizers, cocktails and salads. Also ideal with mashed potatoes.

Red caviar

This roe is more widely consumed, being more affordable than caviar. Caviar de Neuvic carefully selects its supplier of salmon roe to guarantee a superior quality and meet the standards of our deli range.

A little anecdote: Outside of France, this roe is nicknamed "red caviar", especially in Russia where it is very popular.

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