Beluga "ooo" 50g

Beluga "ooo" 50g

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The rare "king of Caviar" retains its crown as the most expensive you can buy, prized for its large grains and sumptuously soft texture.

For Huso Huso Sturgeons to produce these grand pearls , it takes 19 years for the first maturity for female and 12 Years for the male .
It's subtle but distinctive flavors are described as buttery or creamy, with notes of hazel- nut and almond. The color can be pale grey.
This diamond has been harvested from a very aged Huso Huso with a color grading of 000 , 00 , 0 .
Beluga Caviar Obtained from the Beluga sturgeon (Huso Huso), native to the Caspian Sea on north of Iran. the Beluga is the largest sturgeon, which produces the largest and softest roe. Beluga is the world's most expensive caviar.
Origin: Caspian Sea, Iran

Whats the difference between real caviar and fake caviar ?
Chances are you’ve encountered many kinds of caviar in restaurants that are definitely NOT made of fish eggs at all. These types of "caviar" are made using specification, a molecular gastronomy technique. This relatively new and innovative cooking process puts science into cooking, using chemistry and physics to create fun and unexpected shapes and flavors with food.
Specification uses sodium alginate (a salt derived from algae) and calcium chloride to create a membrane around liquid, encapsulating it and creating a small sphere that look a lot like real caviar, bursting with flavor once you bite into them. Fruit juices, chocolate, cocktails, soups, sauces, desserts, those are just a few of the fun and delicious things you can turn into "caviar" using molecular gastronomy.

Why Caviar Is Good For You
Caviar also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for the health of your cardiovascular system and are also important for regulating your body’s inflammatory response. A serving of caviar contains two thirds of your RDA of both EPAs and DHAs, so you should be sure that you consume caviar only in moderation!
One good time to consume this luxurious dish is after consuming alcohol. The acetylcholine in the eggs lines the stomach and helps to improve your alcohol tolerance. In addition, the vitamins and fatty acids help to deter depression and regulate your mood. Another important nutrient is arginine, which can help to improve your circulation. Arginine is actually the substance in caviar that is thought to give it an aphrodisiac effect, but there are other benefits to improved circulation too. If you have poor blood pressure, constant cold hands, or suffer from persistent tiredness, then you may benefit from increasing your caviar intake.