(Pre-Order, min 7 days) Bordier Plain Butter, Semi-Salted (250g)

(Pre-Order, min 7 days) Bordier Plain Butter, Semi-Salted (250g)

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  • Advance order of minimum 7days
  • Order before Wed 10am for Tuesday arrival
  • Order before Friday 10am for Friday arrival
  • Flown in from France every Tues & Friday
  • Shelf life of 10-15 days from arrival
  • Butter to be kept at 2-5 degrees
  • Self-Collection Recommended


Rustic and noble, it conveys its creamy taste and smacks of caramel and hazelnut in the summer.  Semi-salted butter is the heady taste of fine salt (2.8%), a burst of flavor to enjoy simply, on the edge of a slice of bread.

The semi-salted butter can easily adapt to all of your recipes!  From a slice of bread to Breton shortbread, chocolate cake, and fattened farm hen with lobster.

Best used for spreading over a freshly baked baguette.