Bordier Seaweed Butter

(Pre-Order, min 7 days) Bordier Seaweed Butter (125g)

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The seaweed that we use is gathered by the coastal fishermen in Finistère, the most westerly département in France.  The seaweed’s lifespan is five months, which allows for two harvests yearly.  The action of tides and waves allows for renewal of the seaweed by ripping out the older plants leaving only the young “sprouts.”

Can be used for: Bread, Seafood, Sauces

  • Advance order of minimum 7days
  • Order before Wed 10am for Tuesday arrival
  • Order before Friday 10am for Friday arrival
  • Flown in from France every Tues & Friday
  • Shelf life of 10-15 days from arrival
  • Butter to be kept at 2-5 degrees
  • Self-Collection Recommended