Jean-Yves Bordier Classic Flavour Butter (125g)

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  • Advance order of minimum 7days
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  • Flown in from France every Mon & Thurs
  • Shelf life of 10-15 days from arrival
  • Butter to be kept at 2-5 degrees



The seaweed that we use is gathered by the coastal fishermen in Finistère, the most westerly département in France.  The seaweed’s lifespan is five months, which allows for two harvests yearly.  The action of tides and waves allows for renewal of the seaweed by ripping out the older plants leaving only the young “sprouts.”

Can be used for: Bread, Seafood, Sauces

Smoked Salt

The sea salt is “smoked” according to the Norwegian tradition thanks to the association of different spices.  This subtle blend of pepper, fried onion and curry gives the incredible “smoky” aroma and the butter’s aromatic richness.

Enjoy it on mashed potatoes mixed in with a few mushrooms sautéed in smoked butter, as well as in so many other dishes like braised endives or simmered leeks.

Can be used for: Bread, Steaks, Sauces


A tasty link between two staple ingredients in the history of Breton cookery!  The butter brings out the bewitching taste of roasted buckwheat, the salt enhances its earthy qualities, and the crunchiness of the grains surprises the palate. 

Like buckwheat crepes, its powerful, almost religious taste goes with all sorts of flavors, and can be used both with savory dishes (poultry, flat oysters, grilled lobster), as well as pastries (shortbread dough, crumble, chocolate lava cake, and so on).

Can be used for: Bread, Poultry, Desserts

Garlic & Herbs with Szechuan Pepper

Traditional chefs’ maître d’hôtel butter with a delicate hint of lightly mentholated pepper.  This butter, with its intimation of garlic and spring flowers, is an ideal pairing for your meats, summer barbecues, baked seafood, and crunchy vegetables.

 Can be used for: Bread, Steaks, Lamb