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In year 1602, Geneva in Switzerland was attacked by France during the longest night of the year; The 12 of December. During the Night à Lady named Mere Royaume was cooking a large Pot of vegetables soup. When she saw the French Army invading the City by a tiny, tiny small walk way though the ramparts . She threw her very hot pot of soup on to them and save Geneva being invaded . So Geneva could stay part of Switzerland 😅😅😅

Since then to Celebrate this fabulous event all the Chocolate shops in Geneva produce a Chocolate Pot filled with vegetables made of Marzipan. Traditionally, the oldest and the youngest in the family will break the pot! 

Enjoy the video on atout youtube channel and see how we did it last year!


 Valrhona 65% Dark Chocolate Pot - 500gm

Vegetables Marzipan - 300gm

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