Cheese Curds 400gm (Frozen)

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This authentic Quebec poutine Cheese Curds 400g (approx. 5-6 poutine portions) are frozen daily fresh and made from pasteurized milk. Once thawed, they reveal a perfect moist, supple and elastic texture with a fresh milk taste: The real ''Shouik-Shouik''!

Poutine (poo-TEEN, Quebec French) is a dish that includes French fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy

Delivery frozen; defrost in chiller for 1 day before using. Shelf life after defrosting: 15 days in the chiller.  

Poutine originated in the Canadian province of Quebec and emerged in the late 1950s in the Quebec-center area. It has long been associated with Quebecer cuisine.

Over the last decades, poutine has gained acceptance and popularity in all types of restaurants, from haute cuisine to fast food, and has spread across Canada and internationally.

Made in Canada

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